The Odd Hogg’s Week’s Baby Menu Plan


As I’m a very lucky blogger, who has very lovely blogger friends I’ve handed over my blog to Odd Hog today whilst I concentrate on having some family time in London. Kim at Odd Hog publishes her family menu plans weekly so offered to share a baby focussed one with us today.

Now, I know you are expecting some complex recipes below but this is just a really simple list or just as simple meal ideas. Baby weaning doesn’t have to complicated – just varied and balanced. I’m finding Kim’s menu plans helpful because I can easily replicate the basics.

Hi everyone, I’m Kim and I hope this gives you some inspiration! I share our meal plans every Monday over at Oddhogg if you’d like to see some more, or you can find me on twitterinstagramfacebook and pinterest.

I think every mum has some concerns when it comes to weaning. We all want to make sure our little ones are getting a balanced and varied diet, but if you’re anything like me, you can’t always remember what you ate for breakfast – never mind what you had last night!

To help me keep things stress free I start each week by writing a meal plan. That way I know my Piglet is getting all the food groups and I can keep things interesting for him. I store many of his meals in the freezer in portions so it is really quick and simple to pull out when it’s time for his next meal.

Below is an example of his meal plan for 1 week. Any of these dishes can be adapted for baby led weaning, or pureed/mashed if that’s what you and your baby prefer. Personally, we go for a combination of the two!

You will notice I tend to prefer to leave the fruit for dessert to the evening. This is because it can get messy so it’s easier to just toss him in the bath.

Many of the recipes are pinned on my weaning board on pinterest if you’d like to check them out.


Breakfast: Porridge. I make this with whole milk, but you can use formula or expressed milk if you prefer. I was originally sucked into the “baby porridge” but soon realised just normal porridge is absolutely fine!

Lunch: Lentils, mediterranean veggies and rice. Fromage frais for dessert.

Dinner: Macaroni cheese, chopped strawberries and grapes for dessert.


Breakfast: Scrambled egg

Lunch: Butternut squash, chickpea & red pepper. Natural yoghurt and peach for dessert.

Dinner: Mince & tatties with carrot & swede. Banana and apple chunks for dessert.


Breakfast: Weetabix. I use formula for this, and top it up with cold whole milk. Saves me heating it up as the formula is already warm. Any other variation of milk will work.

Lunch: Sweet potato, chicken and asparagus. Fromage frais for dessert. If you aren’t likely to have asparagus around then peas work really well too. Piglet really likes this with a little cheddar cheese sprinkled on it too sometimes. 

Dinner: Pumpkin pasta. Satsuma for dessert. This is really simple – cook some pumpkin and mash it with a little milk and some cream cheese, then stir it through pasta. Its a fab way to get an extra veggie into a meal.


Breakfast: Toast with peanut butter and chopped banana. If you are unsure if your little one may have a nut allergy then be careful. Test the peanut butter on their skin first, if there is no reaction then dab some on their lip.

Lunch: Cauliflower cheese. Natural yoghurt and strawberries for dessert.

Dinner: Sausage, mash and peas. Melon and grapes for dessert.


Breakfast: Porridge and stewed apple. I don’t like to add fruit every time as I don’t want Piglet to be reliant on the sweetness for every meal, but it goes in occasionally.

Lunch: Salmon and broccolli in a white sauce with mashed potato. Fomage frais for dessert

Dinner: Ratatouille. Satsuma and grapes for dessert.


Breakfast: Porridge and stewed apple. I don’t like to add fruit every time as I don’t want Piglet to be reliant on the sweetness for every meal, but it goes in occasionally.

Lunch: Sweet potato, chicken and asparagus. Fomage frais for dessert

Dinner: Butternut squash, chickpea & red pepper. Pear for dessert.


Breakfast: Omelette. Sometimes this is with a little chopped ham and cheese, sometimes a bit of mushroom.

Lunch: Sweet potato, chicken and asparagus. Natural yoghurt with peach.

Dinner: Lentils, mediterranean veggies and rice. Strawberries and banana for dessert.



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