Crippling under the cost of baby classes my ingenious friends came up with the idea of holding several
DIY baby sessions at home over the next few weeks! Clever ladies! And today was messy playyyyy! Yey!

Now you might think it’s impossible to host a messy play at home where the only long term effects are some paint covered baby feet, but we cracked it. No paint on the walls or baby bumps!

Laura set up three play stations and a large ‘get clean’ space in the middle. It sounds like you’d need to live in mansion but it didn’t take up much space at all. The sink was ready filled with soapy water, there were plenty of paper towels to hand and dozens of wet wipe packs dotted around.

The first stop was the JELLY – and this little guys was ready to get stuck in straight away!

messy play 8

Messy play 1

Of course they’re going to eat it but it was sugar free so no problem at all! It cleans off surprisingly easily too! Keep on licking Louie, you’ll be clean by Christmas!

Messy play 3

Next was the cold spaghetti. As you can imagine it feels disgusting but is seriously easy for them to grab and pull about. Ironically though it’s not very easy to eat so there’s little worry of them scoffing it.

Messy play 6

Noah wasn’t so keen, but here’s Thomas owning the spaghetti fun house like a pro!

Messy play 5

Maybe it’s one for the boys though as Ava didn’t look too pleased.

Messy play 10

After a little clean up it was on to the body painting. We used non-toxic paint and really just lathered them up and let them at it. There’s a little theme here, both Noah and Louie preferred eating the paint!

messy Play 9 Messy play 4

It was great day and everyone was absolutely knackered.

On a more practical side its an activity that really doesn’t need to cost much and let’s you all try something new. And if you’re not feeling so brave then crushed up cornflakes, rice and bubbles can provide for an easier clean up.

We’re already getting excited for our sensory day at Ava’s house and our autumn teddy bear’s picnic!









  1. 7th August 2016 / 3:03 pm

    I love this idea. Would be nice in the garden too. Mine are older but I find that they will do a messy/craft activity for longer if other children are involved too. Whereas if it’s just them, it takes me half an hour to get everything set up, and five minutes for them to get bored of doing it!

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