The tinterweb has brought us some amazing things – like an endless stream of fit naked men that just keep accidentally stumbling onto my newsfeed. Okay, it also brought us a naked Kardashian and Donald Trump (who can keep his clothes on!) – but all can be forgiven if it means this month’s crafty cats get a chance to showcase their creative talents.

I’ve been dying to find some time to blog again to tell you about these amazing ladies who find time to design and deliver some frankly outstanding gifts and goodies.

So, who is on this month’s Craft Hottie list!

Lydia Teapot


Now actually, her name’s Lynn. But, I so want her real name to be Lydia Teapot because it makes her sound just like the magic sewing fairy that she is. Lydia Teapot makes everything you can make with a sewing machine, from cushions, to stockings, memory bears, fabric notebooks. A real craft queen bee.


And everything can be made bespoke and to order for an unbelievable price.


The quality always far exceeds my expectations and I know that I can ask for the most obscure item and it will be with me faster than expected.


You can view Lydia Teapot’s designs at https://www.facebook.com/LydiaTpot/?fref=ts. Based in Leeds she offers pick up and drop off services, alongside postage for those of you farther away.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Design


Laura designs beautiful, quirky box frames that can be tailored to your exact requirements – which makes them ideal for presents or nursery décor.


I know Laura personally so I’ve been lucky enough to have some beautiful frames already hanging in Noah’s room and I can’t wait to get my hands on a few more.


Laura’s prices are VERY reasonable so don’t miss out. So much hard work goes into these frames and the pictures don’t do them justice (they really are that good!)


Like Laura’s page at https://www.facebook.com/twinkletwinklelittledesign/. Frames can be sent anywhere in the UK.

Babies Bibs and Bobs


I fell upon Babies Bibs and Bobs following an over zealous visit from the bib thief which left me with four stained white bibs and a dribble monster. It’s really hard to find bibs that are both large enough for my mini sumo and absorbent enough for the constant stream of spit that pours from him.

All my prayers were answered with these dribble bibs. They have a terry towelling backing and a cotton front – which means they are ultra absorbent. And because they are cotton they don’t create the line of sweaty fluff in Noah’s neck folds like traditional fleece bibs too.


I chose to buy the dribble bibs with matching dribble cloths because I found the idea too adorable to pass up. I paid around £4.00 a set – with prices varying and posted on the Facebook page.

2-craft-hotties-october 3-craft-hotties

Check these out at https://www.facebook.com/Babiesbibsnbobs/?fref=ts

And that’s it for this month. Now I must get to ordering lots of lovely things from another set of lovely ladies – all in the name of research, of course.

Ciao x


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